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This month’s Small Business Feature looks at the craft and art of Spice making! We chat to one of our esteemed clients, Spices 4 Africa, who bring an authentic bite to the spice business!

Spices 4 Africa is such an exotic and varied business- How did Spices for Africa come to be?

Spices 4 Africa started out as a retail store in Kempton Park, Johannesburg in 2008. It is a Level 1 B-BBEE 100% black female-owned business. It also is a Halaal Certified business. It has blossomed into a development hub for the blending and formulation of a range of spice products. It specialises in the manufacturing of a range of Quick, Easy & Convenient wet mix spice products. This concept was introduced by the owner, Mandy Raman in 2009 to provide a unique yet simple formula to make cooking easier.

When the demand for wet mix products grew, the consumer requested more products from Spices 4 Africa. An incredible range of dry spice packs was then introduced into the market. Many of these include simple recipes ensuring that the Quick, Easy & Convenient concept was maintained.

Spices 4 Africa keeps reinventing itself and is always introducing new products into the market not only keeping up to date with market trends but also delivering exciting new product offerings that are enticing and intriguing. An awesome selection of Spice Grinders including refill packs for the grinders has recently been introduced. These include our very own formulations of Chilli Concarneau, Potjiekos, Braai Spice, Braai Chilli, Malay Mix, Curry Mix and a variety of Pepper blends that include herbs, garlic, coriander and chilli. That is apart from the standard Black Pepper, Coarse Sea Salt, Garlic Flakes and Onion Flakes. A range of foil sachets in excess of 120 different powders, whole spices and unique formulations have been introduced into the market.

The most recent development is a range of Spice Gift Sets that appeals to Corporate Companies, Gifting Companies and individuals alike. Again, there is an extensive range and variety to choose from so there’s got to be something that appeals to everyone’s taste and preference.

Spices 4 Africa is very flexible and is able to provide spices in retail packages and also in wholesale quantities. Often we put together requests that are unique in design or formulation and especially according to the customer’s specification. Customer service is everything to us. We build on trust and focus on long-term and lasting relationships with our customers.

What is the philosophy and benefits of your Wet mix range?

Our range of Wet Mix Spice products includes Tikka, Tandoori, Lamb/Beef, Seafood, Soya/Veg, Biryani, Butter Chicken and Potjiekos. It is part of our Quick, Easy & Convenient range. Undoubtedly only the finest quality spices are used in the manufacturing of this remarkable product. It is very concentrated, contains in excess of 10 different spices and herbs and is preserved with oil. Use only 2 teaspoons of the Wet Mix Spice to 1kg of meat, chicken, fish or whatever dish you’re preparing. Just add salt! It’s that simple…it really is.

Our aim is to get the end-user excited about preparing tasty, wholesome and healthy meals literally in minutes in the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, it provides the perfect solution to the restaurant and hospitality industry because consistency in taste can be maintained.

One of the many benefits of this incredible product is the fact that a variety of interesting dishes can be prepared to range from authentic curries to roasts, grills, fillings, toppings and gourmet meals just to name a few, using the same wet mix spice.

This product is available in a variety of different packages ranging from a 50g foil sachet to a 250g glass jar for the retail customer. It is then made available in bucket sizes from 1kg to 20kg for the restaurant, catering and hospitality industry.

What are your Top 5 product recommendations that you would say every cook should use?

  • Our complete range of Wet Mix Spices
  • Our range of Grinders
  • Our exciting new range of Rubs that we’ve just recently launched
  • Our Red Chilli Pickle is like no other chilli you’ve tasted before
  • Our unique formulations of spice blends including our Dukka Spice, Chilli Concarneau, Chinese 5 Spice, Potjiekos Spice, Black Salt Meat Rub and over 12 different flavours of Popcorn Sprinkles including Wasabi & Ginger, Cheesy Jalapeno, BBQ Supreme, Tomato & Sweet Balsamic and a lot more.

How can someone purchase your exotic products?

  1. We have a retail factory outlet at 5 Sim Road, Pomona, Kempton Park.
  2. Purchases can be made from selected Spar outlets in Johannesburg including Glen Acres in Kempton Park, Meyersdal Spar and Bedfordview Spar.
  3. Purchases can be made online. Although the e-commerce website is being developed.
  4. Otherwise, we can be contacted by e-mail: info@spices4africa.co.za

Anything else we should know about?

Spices 4 Africa is celebrating 10 years in Kempton Park during the month of June 2018. Join us for many exciting in-store specials and promotions.

We have recently launched a range of Spice Rubs including our Meat Rub, Citrus Rub, Black Salt Meat Rub, Worcester Rub and a whole lot more.

Browse what Spices 4 Africa has to offer here:
  • • Website: www.spices4africa.co.za
  • • Email: spices4africa@vodamail.co.za or info@spices4africa.co.za
  •  Telephone: 011 975 0079 / 083 449 6058

    Browse our range of Spice jars, Spice grinders and Spice containers here

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