This month’s Small Business Feature focuses on ZEFTECH, a company that quickly became the premium bottlers and fillers of vape bottles and e-liquids. This innovative company shares their journey into the vaping emerging market, and insight into their successes.

1.    You are key players in the latest craze of vape bottles and e-cigarettes. How did you get involved in this emerging industry?

  • When we started Vaping there used to be “Vape Meets” – every single month people would get together and chat about the latest and greatest mods and e-liquid available. The mixers would share their latest samples and bottles available in the market. It was at one of these meets that the discussion turned to how frustrating it was to fill vape bottles after mixing.  We saw the gap in the market and started up ZEFTECH.

2.    What is a key aspect of filling vape bottles? vape bottles

  • The key is ensuring everything is clean. Our entire process involves keeping the area and environment as free of particles as possible.  This is why we fill in an ISO 7 Air Rated room and all our staff wear protective gear to protect the clients product.

3.    You fill some of the most premium vaping liquid brands and vape bottles available- which would you recommend to a novice vaper?

  • It honestly is all about your palette, each person has their favorite and it will take a few tries before finding the type of flavour that you prefer. Vape shops are a great place to start; the staff are extremely helpful to give you advice on flavours and will ask questions to figure out which match will work best for you.

4.  What entrepreneurial advice would you give to local South Africans looking to get involved in emerging markets?

  • Making e-liquid and supplying bottles is not the only niche in this industry, but simply where most consider entering into this growing market. Spend sometime getting to understand the industry and the community before jumping in head first.  A good e-liquid can take two years to develop, so make sure that is the direction you want to go in.  Do lots of research and spend time in this industry- it’s not just an industry in South Africa, but a community.

5.   Anything else we should know about ZEFTECH?

  • Even though we started in e-liquid, we can assist anyone that requires filling- and we have no minimum order quantity.


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