Sensory FX | Bottled Flavours and Fragrances

As part of our ongoing Small Business Feature, we look to our own clients who showcase incredible innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and successful businesses!  This month’s client exemplifies just these characters, growing from strength to strength!

How did Sensory FX start and what is it all about?

Established in 1999 by Johan Du Plessis, Sensory FX is a leading developer and manufacturer of a wide variety of superior quality flavours and fragrances for different types of products with flavours being created for confectionery, snacks, baking, dairy and beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic). Emulsions as well form part of Sensory FX product ranges. Sensory FX fragrance division creates fragrances for products in the category of personal care, home care, hair care as well as fine fragrances.

What differentiates Sensory FX in the Flavour and Fragrance industry – What makes you unique?

Sensory FX is a South African company that performs all its functions locally. All flavour and fragrance creation by the skilled experts as well as manufacturing is done locally which amounts to short turn lead times for customers regarding product deliveries.
  • Sensory FX makes custom-made solutions for problems clients have and solve the problems faster with better results.
  • Sensory FX seeks to innovate, create new ideas and discover new opportunities.
  • The Sensory FX Research and Development team maintains a supportive relationship with customers availing themselves to work at their facility to give assistance and oversee that things run effectively with the product.
  • Sensory FX makes it easy for clients to work with them by providing access and communication in many forms.
  • Sensory FX by focusing on superior quality services aspires to create the best experience for its customers from the initial proposal up till the final delivery of their products and services.
  • Sensory FX has an elite corporate culture and hires only the best individuals who will not keep up but will lead the way by being innovative.

What / Which products would you recommend to customers starting out, who aim to be different in the Food and Beverage industry?

Sensory FX would recommend to customers starting out, simple products such as beverages, biscuits, and some confectionery and the use of interesting flavour combinations from Sensory FX that are currently not in any of the products in the market. On the fragrance side, products such as lip balm, some hair care products and bath foam containing fragrances from Sensory FX flavours which are difficult to match.

How or where do people buy from you?

There are many ways which people can buy from Sensory FX – calling the contact number directly where they will be redirected to the necessary department. By getting in touch with the Sales representatives at Sensory FX and by using the Sensory FX orders email.

What are your favourite products that you would recommend?

Our favourite flavours are Caramel Popcorn, Pineapple, Vanilla, Mint and Cherry to name a few and on the fragrance side, Lavender, Lemon and Birthday cake. This is because some of the mentioned flavours and fragrances make up our top sellers and some of them work well in a wide variety of end applications.

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