Hannay’s Sauces | A Fresh Take on Bottled Sauces

As a supplier to some of South Africa’s most devoted entrepreneurs and small businesses, we often get to see some incredible products and delights. Hannay’s Sauces is no different- offering up delicious sauces and a blend of tastes with their unique products!

We caught up with Charles, the owner and creator of Hannay’s Sauces, to find out more about this scrumptious endeavour!

How did Hannay’s Sauces come into existence?

I have been a Chef for almost 28 years and studied in Belgium where I specialised in French cuisine culinary arts. I have had the privilege of working and learning from some of the top Michelin Star Master Chefs of Belgium. On returning to my home country, South Africa, I worked in many of the top five-star hotels, restaurants and resorts such as the Westcliffe, Beverly Hills Hotel, Durban Country Club, The Calabash and Blu Fusion Cuisine. These are just a few to mention.
My passion, interests, and creativity over the years have inspired me to engage in an “out the box” dimension… “SAUCES”. The sauces are made with only the FRESHEST ingredients and high-end produce. I have opted for the natural preservatives leaving a finished product of superior quality.
We are a home-based business, guaranteeing great products, personal service and fantastic results. I have made this a family business and a legacy for our children.

What do you think makes your sauces so unique and special?

No chemicals or colourants are used. All natural, fresh herbs or dried chillies are the ingredients.

What are the top sauces that you would suggest everyone has in their pantry cupboard?

  • Harissa
  • Chipotle
  • Mauritian Mazavaroo
  • Chilli Mint

Where can we find and purchase Hannay’s Sauces?

  1. Jackson’s Real Food Market – Riverside Shopping Centre and soon in Kyalami Corner
  2. 2. Country Meat Butcher – Pineslopes & Epsom Downs & Linden (Randburg)
  3. 3. Craighall Park Spar
  4. 4. Freshouse Market – OliveDale
  5. 5. The Food Farm- Honeydew Village
  1. Kings Meat Deli – Lynnwood Bridge
  2. Midstream SuperSpar

Which of the Farmer’s Markets do you have a stand at?

  • Neighbourgoods market
  • Waterfall Corner
  • Hazelwood Food Market in Pretoria
On Sundays
  • Fourways Farmers market

Anything else we should know about Hannay’s Sauces?

  1. The sauces could also be couriered to you, for R100 per 5kg
  2. Each sauce bottle weighs approx. 500g
  3. All sauces cost R70 each except the Chipotle at R100
Do yourself a favour and pick up a Hannay’s Sauce flavour! This local temptation is sure to surprise with all things saucy! Find them here:

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