Established in 1990, Bonpak supplies a wide range of glass & plastic containers to the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fruit juice, mineral water, wine and spirit industries; to both big and small customers. With an extensive product range and prices that suit every pocket, we have a lot to offer!

1.     Bonpak has been around for a number of years now. Tell us, how did you get started?

After doing the back packing thing for a long time, I (Ray Bondi, Founder of Bonpak), decided to get a job. The first interview I went to was with a company called Consol Glass, and they immediately offered me the job and started the next day in marketing. After gaining invaluable experience in the company from both the marketing and the production/quality issues of glass packaging, I saw a gap in the way Consol operated at that time. It simply was difficult and/or pricey for a small business to buy empty glass jars and bottles. With Consol’s support and after being 5 years with them, I opened Bonpak in March 1989 (I was only 7 then BTW). Soon Bonpak realised that there was a definite need in the small end of the market for a one stop shop for all your glass packaging requirements and so we introduced all the accessories that go with glass. We also extended our range to include specialised packs that were not locally available, especially for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries. We also introduced a wide range of plastic containers and now offered a total solution for small/micro to medium size businesses.

2.     You offer quite an extensive product range. What type of audience are your products focused towards?

Our products are focused toward the quality driven and price sensitive customer. Our speciality is our ability to serve customers of all sizes as we don’t prescribe any MOQ’s. Our focus is driven across three sectors for now – Food and Beverage, Pharma and Perfume and Cosmetic and we are best at glass.

3.     The glass and plastic industry can be very competitive. What sets you apart from your competitors?

I would say there are several factors that truly set us a apart from our competitors. These are:

  • we are very well priced
  • we have no prescribed MOQ’s
  • we offer on-site bottle printing
  • we have a well-established branch in CT
  • we believe in partnering with our customers
  • we deliver nation-wide and specialise in cross border and we offer over 30 years of experience in the glass and packaging sector.

4.     What advice would you give entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own small business based on your products?

Start small – don’t over commit your resources, be it time, money or stock. Grow yourself sustainably – deliver a great product and customer experience whilst building an equally good relationship with your supplier. Often big breaks/opportunities in business require full stakeholder commitment, ensuring these relationships are well maintained can be the difference between success and failure – I know it was certainly the case for Bonpak and still is. We have seen many of our big customers take this journey and we are proud to have partnered with them the whole way. Bonpak will always support small growing businesses and welcome any conversations on how we can make our offering better to do so.


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