2019’s first Small Business Feature is jam-packed with everything sweet- introducing The Field Berry Farm! This month, we chat to one of our most entrepreneurial and successful clients, The Field Berry Farm, as they take us through what it means to be Gauteng’s best raspberry farm and supplier of raspberry jams, pies and other delights!

Field Berry Farm

1.   The Field Berry Farm is a hidden gem in South Africa! Tell us your story of how your Raspberry Farm came to be?

Field Berry Farm
Photography by Jeremy Glyn for The Field in February 2018
  • The Field Berry Farm is a Raspberry Farm in the South of Johannesburg. We started growing raspberries more than twenty years ago and recently started our RASPBERRY FESTIVAL during the raspberry season (January – April). Customers can come and pick their own raspberries and enjoy spending time together in the country.

2.    Your farm offers the most beautiful berry picking in Johannesburg! Tell us more about what people can expect at The Field Berry Farm during a berry picking day out?

  • Customers pick and select their raspberries, and place them into buckets that we’ve provided. Once you’ve finished picking raspberries to your heart’s content, we then weigh what you’ve picked. After berry picking, customers are welcome to relax in our beautiful country venue and enjoy our food and refreshment market.
  • Entrance Cost is:
    • R40 – Adults
    • R 30 – Pensioners & Children
    • R 130/kg for Berries Picked

3. What other products are your raspberries used for?   Field Berry Farm

  • We make smoothies, cakes & waffles to sell at the Raspberry Festival and we make berry jams, syrups and lots more for customers to purchase and take home with them!

4.  The Field Berry Farm has such a homegrown success story. What advice would you offer to our local entrepreneurs?

  • Try to pursue your dreams, trust God, be grateful and don’t give up!

5.  What else should we know about The Field Berry Farm?

  • Berry Season is open, and everyone is welcome to come through and spend the day in the sunshine, within our beautiful country setting! A great place to bring the kids!


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