Tell us your story?

I am Louise Fearnhead, founder & co-owner of Dis Natuurlik. Natural Skincare & More
Dis Natuurlik started with a gift from my Mom… one body scrub and a body wash that smelled amazing. I was so impressed with how amazing it smelled and made my skin feel, that I almost fell in love with the product.
But there was one problem, it wasn’t my own. I wanted to know everything about the product, it gave me the idea to start my own brand. I knew I could offer a superior, natural product, that was more affordable and had a personal touch.
2 years later, I am doing what I love and I’m still adding new products that I have fallen in love with with the development of the business. We have been using Bonpak for our packaging solutions since the beginning of this great idea.

Bonpak has made it easy for us to offer high-quality products to our clients, packaged in recyclable glass or aluminium containers.

Tell us more about the products/services people can expect from your business?

Dis Natuurlik specializes in the handcrafting of small-batch natural skin care products & more, which are scientifically formulated to benefit skin and health. We have a curated collection of over 150 different products. We are also wholesale suppliers to leading local pharmacy groups & retailers in South Africa. We ship locally and internationally to over 200 countries worldwide. We have 24/7 customer support and personally reply to each and every client.

What other solutions are your products used for?

We are importers of fine quality natural cosmetics ingredients, that can be used in the manufacturing of cosmetic products. We stock 30 different carrier oils & over 40 of the best therapeutic grade essential oils, as well as natural kinds of butter, clay, gels, waxes & salts, which we personally use in all-natural & organic skincare products.

As a business owner, what advice would you offer to our local entrepreneurs?

This business was started from nothing, with no money, only a dream; my advice to any entrepreneur is when you have a dream that is worth it, you have to grab it, you have to meet it, greet it and defeat it! Your biggest limiting factor isn’t money, it is you. To make a success of your own business you have to Own It. Own your failures, own your successes and own the time that you put in, and if you do anything “do all to the glory of God”, when you put Him first, the rest will fall into place.

Work hard and put the effort in, so that one day you can look back and see where you came from

and where you are now. You have got to be ready for the unexpected. I think that 2020 has all taught us that nothing is constant and that change is coming if we are ready or not. You have got to learn how to adapt and overcome and enjoy the little successes.

How has the pandemic affected your business?

The pandemic has hit our business hard, just as we were on track for a record new year but it has allowed us to reassess what is important and where we are headed. We have used this time to invest in our future, redesign our website, expand our product offering and improve supply chains and client relations. We are investing a lot of time and effort into making our business resilient to the storms that small businesses face, in these tough economic times.

Do you have any words of encouragement for other business owners especially during this time?

2020 has been a year of testing and trials for most of us, we have seen an unprecedented change in the world in the last few months. There has been a sharp drop in the global economies and we have all been affected.
We would advise that you use the time you have wisely to take your business to new heights, look for a new angle or gap in the market, and differentiate yourself from the crowd. Focus on your customers, their needs & how you can better equip your business to address them.

When city people, see storm clouds, they say a flood is coming. When a farmer sees storm clouds, they rejoice for the rain.

Are there any efforts you are making as a business to keep the environment clean or offer sustainable solutions?

As a company with the Afrikaans name of “Dis Natuurlik.” “which means “it’s natural” in English, we have to uphold and honor our name by using sustainable packaging, and natural & organic ingredients that are ethically sourced & used with care. All of our natural skincare products are made in small batches, fresh for each and every client, this reduces our wastage and increases quality. We, unfortunately, cannot get away from plastics, we only make use of plastics where necessity dictates.
Dis Natuurlik offers refill options on most of our products, reducing wastage of the dispensers. Our fair trade policy guarantees that we pay sustainable market-related prices, improving the local economy. We only buy essential & carrier oils that have been grown in organic conditions, our products are also 100% cruelty-free. None of our products contains any harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, Parabens and are also 100% SLS free.

Do you have any new products coming out soon?

We are currently busy expanding our collection of essential oils. We will have one of the largest selections of essential oils in South Africa, Nutritional Products & FSO (Full Spectrum Oils) oils, and a range of CBD infused products that will transform your health.
Keep following us on this exciting journey.
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