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Beer making has gone from mainstream business to small business opportunity! The craft beer bottle and micro-brewing business allow hobbyists and entrepreneurs alike to explore new avenues and add a home touch. We listen and learn from TNT Brewery, below.

1.     Your Brewery is such a fun and down-to-earth business! How did your brewery come to be?

  • The love for beer and spending time together is where it all started. My father introduced my brother and me to the world of hard work, rewarded me with a cold beer at the end of the day. We started with homebrew in a bucket and enjoyed many hours chatting away whilst sipping away at our craft. Fast forward almost 20 years later, a simple all-grain beer brewing course, many hours of brewing, and a friend’s interest in our beer for his soon-to-be-built restaurant. A decision was made and I was set the task of creating a single beer for the commercial market. After cutting my teeth on unfamiliar equipment and coming out with four different styles of beer, my brother approached me with a proposal: let’s start our own brewery. And so it was born.

2.     What are the philosophy and benefits of your craft beer bottles?

  • Our philosophy is to make great, easy-drinking beer! Coming home after a hard day’s work and cracking a beer that just hits the spot, lighting the braai and opening a tasty flavourful beer that begs you to have another- and of course, sitting down whilst watching the sunset and sinking a few.

3.     What craft beer in your range would you recommend as the first beer anyone tries?

  • The nice thing about our beer is that we have something for everyone, if you are not too sure about craft beer then hit our Lager or Pilsner, it tastes like good ol’ beer! If you are more of the crafty type of practitioner, then try our Summer Ale or our Dipsomaniac IPA.

4.     How and where does one purchase your craft beer bottles?

  • We currently supply restaurants in the North of Johannesburg, Schwabinger Stuben, Mimmo’s Douglasdale, Urban Angel, Gravity Café, Del Forno Pizza, Tuc n Tap, The Irish Rock, Keg And Eagle, Black Tongue Bar. You can find our bottles in Tops Bottle stores, Northwold, Radiokop, Bel Air Mall, Tops & Go Kempton, and Gordon rd Cellars.

5.     Any special news we should know about TNT Brewery?

  • Other than restaurant or bottle store sales, we really enjoy festivals and events. It gives us time to socialize and share our love and knowledge of our craft. For golf days, corporate events, and weddings, we are always willing to supply and set up our bars according to your requirements, to make things a little more memorable.

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