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Come closer. That’s what the name Zwakala means and that’s the convivial African spirit behind Magoebaskloof’s first micro-brewery – Zwakala Brewery. Nestled in the Magoebaskloof Mountains, its location is as much its signature as its award winning beers and its Blueberry Gin and Tonic on Tap. As a successful client of Bonpak, we ask this innovative team what makes them so unique, and how their craft beer bottles became a South African favourite.

1. What makes Zwakala so special?

Zwakala as a brand embodies the spirit of coming together as Africans. The word Zwakala in itself means come closer which is the spirit behind our micro brewery, situated in the Magoebaskloof Mountains of Limpopo. Zwakala also makes the best craft beer bottles in South Africa. Our first ever lager won a gold medal at the South African National Beer trophy in 2016 and this year our Naked Ale won a silver medal at the South African National Beer Trophy. Our tasting room is so welcoming and is a one of a kind experience where adults can bring their entire family for a perfect day out in the mountains. The Brewery is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11h00-17h00.

2. How many people do you serve over a festive weekend?

Magoebaskloof has an influx of tourists over the festive season, both national and international. On a good festive weekend we serve up to 100 people in our tasting room. Weeks are a little quieter with smaller groups coming to do tastings and brewery tours. This December our tasting room will be open every day for food as well.

3. What is Zwakala’s Top Craft Beer Bottles?

If you asked me this question last year I would have definitely said our Limpopo Lager and it still is overall our top selling brand, but over the last year sales of our Naked Ale and Weiss have steadily climbed and I could say that today all of our craft beers bottles are popular in their own right.
In some areas the Limpopo Lager dominates, while in other areas the Naked Ale and the Mountain Weiss are doing really well. This is the same for our tasting room also. We have added a new White IPA to our product line called the Weekend Special, brewed in collaboration with Drifter Brewing Company from Cape Town, which is proving extremely popular. A bunch of lemongrass is thrown into the final mix which gives the beer a delicious lemongrass tang!
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4. What is your must-see site in Magoebaaskloof? (Other than Zwakala)

Wegraakbosch Organic Farm up the road, Cheerio & Sequoia Gardens in Spring time, the Canopy tour over the great Letaba river gorge and the wilderness area of the Wolkberg to name a few of our incredible local gems! Visit to get a sense of whats happening in our area and all the amazing places to visit in Magoebaskloof.
Make sure you put a visit to Zwakala on your Beer bucket list- it’s an experience that you won’t soon forget!
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