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Aura Opulence offers specially tailored premium, natural skincare products inspired by African, Thai, and Ayurveda traditional skincare remedies. We believe in holistic natural ingredients to heal the skin in a gentle yet truly effective way by means of Mother Nature’s restorative, healing, and clarifying properties.

Our honesty and credibility in our products is a point of differentiation. As part of quality control, we have obtained Certification of Analysis for all our ingredients. Whilst most natural skincare brands focus on mass-producing their products and including “filler” ingredients to formulate the desired effects, we do things differently. We use no preservatives, emulsifiers, thickeners, or synthetic ingredients in our products, instead of using only 100% certified organic pure plant-derived ingredients. Summarised simply as Better for your skin, better for the planet.

We know that there are plenty of women who, while wanting to look good, are displeased with chemically-laden products, mass-production side effects, and cruel animal testing that runs rampant in the beauty industry, Aura Opulence discerns on all of it to appeal to those very women.

Aura Opulence paves a path of its own. All of our products are ethically sourced ingredients, alcohol-free, silicone-free, fragrance-free, handmade, totally vegan, never tested on animals, and lovingly created in South Africa using reusable or recyclable packaging purchased from Bonpak.


When was Aura Opulence established and what has been the proudest moment since its existence?

By way of introduction, I am Brown Phoku MD & Founder of Aura Opulence established in 2016.

I first developed an appreciation for aromatherapy and experimenting with natural wellness after recurring health and skin problems caused by overactive thyroid disease (hyperthyroidism). My thyroid swings affected the integrity of my skin as hormonal imbalances can cause myriad skin issues. I experienced skin imperfections such as blemishes, acne, oily congested discovered skin and brittle hair.

When it came to skincare, I wasn’t willing to compromise. After much soul-searching, research and exploration with formulations I began mixing my own body and skincare potions formulated with the purest, most powerful botanicals in the world promote clarity ensuring complete sensorial rejuvenation.

This was a turning point. Armed with this holistic knowledge, my experimental nature, and the urge for simplicity, natural living, and a heart to share, I made a colossal decision to develop a unique skincare approach that provides stellar results without disrupting the skin barrier.

As someone equally obsessed with both beauty oils and body elixirs it made sense to embrace both. My proudest moment was propelling to relaunch the brand and expand our product offerings during a period when green beauty was just gaining momentum for natural and organic personal care products.

Venturing into the relatively novel categories such as cleansers, face masks, serums, exfoliators, and moisturizers, I have witnessed high acceptability among consumers who want restorative skin healing products that hydrate skin, calm the skin and balance excess oiliness for better glow and health.


Has the pandemic had an effect on your company or strategy and its future plan. How so?

 When the rapid and decisive restrictive lockdown was announced, our clients underwent panic buying.  We received tremendous support and a high volume of orders – sales reflected that. The support surpassed our expectations preceding financial year-end.

Subsequently, the hard lockdown slightly impacted the growth of the business and disrupted production as well as sales. To mitigate the impact of the pandemic and adapt to consumer shifts, we embraced new strategies to harness innovations and quickly scale what works in order to make radical and enduring changes. We ramped our business strategy to focus on ‘the solution, rather than the product.’. We are putting effort into offering product tutorials, virtual skincare consultations, and how-to guides for using their products effectively at home.

This education and customer-centric strategy tailored seamlessly as beauty routines are evolving and focusing more on self-care to provide a sense of normalcy during these anxiety-ridden times. Beauty habits change when the consumer is at home – they are generally taking a more relaxed approach to their beauty routines, choosing to focus more on self-care vs. makeup glam.

What would you like Aura Opulence to be remembered for?

Consumers want to buy from independents who are true to their values but need a compelling authentic story that resonates with them.

I would like Aura Opulence to be remembered as a sought-after premium brand backed by ancient indigenous remedies that invested in branding, building trust, and transparency alongside formulating eco-friendly sustainable products that are unique, have heart and that resonate with our targeted customers.

My endeavor is to produce the most effective products without a drop of synthetic chemicals. I scout for the world’s highest quality ingredients, precious plant extracts, magical oils, and efficacious cosmeceuticals.

Based on the personal skin journey that inspired the development of your product line and the unfolding thereof, why do you think skin, hair and etc., forms such a big part of an individual’s confidence?

And should this narrative change?

Appearance may have a positive effect on an individual’s self-concept – when people are happy with the way they look, they feel attractive. Others will react in a positive way to them and this will increase their self-confidence leading to a positive self-concept.

Aura Opulence sparks a new conversation about beauty, proving that you can have it all. Our logo element and brand name symbolizes an elegant design that communicates nature, holistic skincare, wellness, and beauty of the soul.

I emanated the brand name in alignment with our core message which is all about ‘self-care and ‘me time ‘– a combination of ‘self-love’ associated with a luxury spa experience, whilst targeting skin imperfections.

Not only does having a fresh face help you maintain the health of your skin, but it can also boost motivation, confidence and drastically improve your mental health. Our task is not just to make each and every one of our customers feel beautiful (they are already beautiful), but to create delight, harmony, and bliss in their lives each and every day. You only have One Life, One Skin. Make It Beautiful.

What is Aura Opulence’s ethos?

Premium Quality, Ultimate Potency, and Complete Purity are our criteria of ethos,

ensuring that each formula instantly improves the way your skin looks and feels.


Where can people find/purchase your products?

To search for Aura Opulence product reviews, product narratives, honest customer testimonials, and tips on achieving flawless skin, please explore us on Instagram: aura_opulence

We welcome DM orders on Instagram or email to

Moreover, we ramped up operations by creating an aesthetically pleasing website as well as listing our products at organic health shop realms to increase our presence and to effectively better serve our customers. The launch dates will officially be announced at a suitable time.

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