Aragon Cake Decorations | Sweet Custom Cake Toppers

Every month, Bonpak features an impressive client, one who showcases ingenuity and entrepreneurial flair- and this month’s feature is all that and more! Aragon Cake Decorations sell the most beautiful, creative and awe-inspiring toppers for a range of baked goods. We caught up with them to find out more on this sweet surprise!

You have quite an unusual business- how did Aragon Cake Decorating start?

Simply put, 20 years ago, when cake decorating was not a big market trend, we made some decorations for a friend’s child who was having a birthday and the mom was looking for something different. From that one small party, requests for similar products came flooding in and we never looked back, catering to the whole country and now exporting to 18 countries!

Which Bonpak products would you recommend to our home bakers?

All sorts of packaging because clear packaging is so useful in the baking world. Eye droppers to measure exact amount of food colours, small jars and tubs to hold décor in and to decant bulk packs of spices and baking powders- and of course buckets to decant the larger items like flour.

How or where do people buy from you?

People are free to contact us through our website, e mail, a phone call or simply buy through their nearest stores

What are your favourite products that you recommend?

This must be our Sparkles and Sprinkles. There is such a massive range that we always have something new and fun to use

What should everyone know about Aragon Cake Decorations?

We launch new items every month, we custom make orders and products with no minimum quantities and we always do our best to assist and please. Sometimes we fail but we do our best to keep everybody happy!

We definitely suggest getting in touch with Aragon Cake Decorations. Their innovation and creativity will top anything you’ve ever seen before on a cake!

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